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Whole Cornmeal Machine

Whole Cornmeal Machine

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Introduction to Whole Cornmeal Machine

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Whole Cornmeal machine has advantages of steady operation, low noise, high efficiency, beautiful appearance and small size. Fineness of Flour can be adjusted. Milling temperature is low to make sure no loss of microelements. It is used to mill heat sensitive materials like corn, coarse grains, wheats.

Whole cornmeal machine is composed of host machine, collector, conveying pipe and electric control cabinet.
The host machine is installed with air grader to adjust granularity and prevent over-grinding.

The flour is conveyed under negative pressure to whirlwind dust collector and cloth deduster , then discharged by valve. This set is ideal for fine grain processing and food industry.

The whole cornmeal machine is applied to wheat, corn wholemeal and bran, rice, round-grained rice, millet, buckwheat, oat, mung bean, soybean, sorghum, black bean and kidney bean.

whole cornmeal machine


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