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Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

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Introduction to Bucket Elevator

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1. Strong stability thanks to high steel plate;
2. The Bucket Elevator uses advanced equipment to bent and weld;
3. No dust leakage thanks to good sealing performance;
4. Good wear resistance thanks to high molecular polyethylene bucket;
5. Uses high-intensity bucket flat belt, low elongation;
6. High-strength bolted joint.

Functional  Description
The bucket elevator is ideal for use as a distributing elevator. Floury products as well as bulk materials such as grain and flours can be handled in vertical or upward inclined more than 70 degree direction. The bucket elevator features compact structure, stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, and convenient operation and maintenance.

The  bucket elevator is made up of a series of hopper fixed by uniform traction in unprovoked, materials be conveyed in vertical state. There are two forms the chain elevator and belt elevator. Bucket elevator with throughput, and enhance the high degree of high, stable and reliable operation, long life and other significant advantages, the equipment is suitable for conveying powder, granular and non-small-block mill and grinding of small materials, such as: coal, cement, stones, sand, clay, ore and so on. Our company can design and manufacture special models based on your needs.

bucket elevator

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