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TQSX-80 and TQSX-63  Specific Gravity Destoner

TQSX-80 and TQSX-63 Specific Gravity Destoner

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Introduction to TQSX-80 and TQSX-63 Specific Gravity Destoner

TQSX Specific Gravity Destoner  machine is our newly designed specific combined cleaning equipment, energy saving and highly effective. It adopts the advanced reverse cleaning principle, integrated with screening, stone removing, classifying and winnowing functions. 

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TQSX Specific Gravity Destoner  has features of small volume, light weight, complete function and sanitation without flying dust. It can clean corn by removing various mixed impurities and is the most ideal and advanced update product in grains cleaning section. 
Item Model Yield (kg/h) Sieve Amplitude (mm) Vibration Frequency (r/min)    Sifter Dip Angle (°)      Air Pressure (Pa)  Air Volume (m³/min)  Power (kw)  Weight (kg)   Size (mm)
TQSX-80 6~10 4~6 940 5~9 <980 140 0.25×2 340 1400×1400×1800
TQSX-63 4~6 4~6 940 5~9 <980 100 0.25×2 220 1200×1400×1800

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