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Corn Degerminator Machine

Corn Degerminator Machine

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Introduction to Corn Degerminator Machine

corn degerminator machineCorn Degerminator Machine is reasonably designed in compact structure, high yield and reliably operated, widely used in wine, beer, feed and fine corn processing factories.

The Corn Degerminator Machine can rigidly strike and softly rub corns into 6-8 squares and uniform pieces, ensuring integrity of germs; DTP Rubbing Degerminator Machine is an ideal equipment for corn fine&deep processing companies, liquor, oil and feed plants.

Working Principle
Corns flow from the glass cylinder and go in the space between rotor and toothed plate group. Motor drives the rotor spindle to rotate. Corns are rubbed and struck to be hulled between rubbing plate and toothed plate and go out through discharge hopper of Corn Degerminator Machine.

National Patent: ZL 2010 2 0627147.0
Product Name: Maize Degerminator

corn germ extraction machine

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