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Corn Germ Extraction Machine

Corn Germ Extraction Machine

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Introduction to Corn Germ Extraction Machine

corn germ extraction machineFeatures
Corn Germ Extraction Machine is of compact structure, easy operation, steady work, stable mechanical property, small dimension;
Unique structure of extracting chamber to ensure no germ in corn endosperm;
Fully sealed, dust free and sanitary;
Easy to operate, adjustable airflow, equipped with negative display device.
The Corn Germ Extraction Machine has increased comprehensive value of corn products, which is an ideal equipment for corn deep&fine processing, liquor, oil and feed plants.

Functional Description
The Corn Germ Extraction Machine makes use of difference of germs and endosperms suspending speed to grade the materials by flow penetrating up into grits. The germ extracting sieve plate moves tipsily back and forth in a definite direction to move the corn to outlet. The germs are separated due to gravity and flow to germ outlet.

National Patent: ZL 2010 2 0691738.4

corn germ extraction machine

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