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Double Roller Flour Mill

Double Roller Flour Mill

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Introduction to Double Roller Flour Mill

double roller flour millDouble roller flour mill pneumatic stock feeding system or controllable feeding roller is sped up by frequency converter. The mill is used in 80-120T/24H flour product line. The horizontal roll configuration and tooth point tapes are tighten by spring. The frame is handsome, durable.

Structure features:

It has adopted new design and compact structure affording good performances and high efficiency.

The double roller flour mill is made of manganese plate with cast iron base to work smoothly. Synchronou eltdrive and eccentric wheel make an efficient structure to extend its useful life.

Manual and pneumatic control makes an easy operation.

The racking system motor single driving makes sure of milling after racking.

The grinding roller bearing is dismantled easily by hydraulic pressure instead of manual hammering, so that it can keep a fine precision.

Application of double roller flour mill:

- Widely applied in modern flour milling machine.

- Different surface parameters serve for different grinding passage, different middle materials.

- Can be installed in the first floor for a good an operation and also can be installed in ground floor to save space.

double roller flour mill

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