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Drum detacher

Drum detacher

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Introduction to Drum detacher

drum detacherDrum detacher is used in the flour mills for shaking the flour adhered to bran by the palettes inside of the machine. By mounting under the roller mills, drum detacher separates the adhered products and distributes them.

Principle of drum detacher:

- The materials are tangentially fed into the drum-like machine from the inlet, one side of the drum. The rotoring beaters inside the machine are beating the material while they are pushing the materials to the end outlet. Then the materials are discharged from the machine tangentially and a correspondingly gentle detaching is achieved in this course.

- This drum detacher is designed for detaching endosperm particles after reduce milling by smooth rollers to increase the extraction of flour in flour mill.

 Features of drum detacher

- Dynamically balanced rotor ensures smooth running.

- The rotor is driven by motor through belt, the rotary speed of the rotor is optional.

- High quality motor ensures the machine running normally.

drum detacher

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