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Flour Purifier

Flour Purifier

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Introduction to Flour Purifier

flour purifierFlour purifier is used for the precise classification of middle material to improve the quality of the finished product. The flour purifier is smoothness of operation,convenient in maintance,low noise,no dust overflow.

Principle of flour purifier:

Inlet box in aluminium sheet with distributor gate. Double sieve box, sectioned
longitudinally in 2 sieve groups, constructed in aluminium.
Each sieve group with 3 sieves decks each with 4 light metal sieve frames = totally 24 sieve frames per machine.
Sieve frames clothed, re-tightenable. Sieve cleaning with self-reversing travelling brushes. 2 separate chambers above the sieves, each sectioned in 16 equal sections with air control slides.

Features of flour purifier:

1. It can classify and purify wheat dreg,coarse middling,fine semolina and meal in different quality,different size by making use of coaction of sifting and airflow,in order to remove the bran and improve quality and ratio of flour.

2. The flour purifier is applied in the purification and grading of semolina and fine semolina in common wheat, durum wheat and maize flour milling machine.

3. High capacity, economy, dependability and perfect design are the outstanding feature.

Application of flour purifier:

1. Widely applied in modern flour mills for high quality flour.

2. Successfully used for semolina flour in durum flour mills.

flour purifier

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