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MTPS Maize Peeling Machine

MTPS Maize Peeling Machine

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Introduction to MTPS Maize Peeling Machine

maize dehullerApplication of MTPS Maize Peeling Machine
It is mainly used for hulling and whitening in big or medium rice factories with advanced negative pressure technology to decrease temperature of the rice. The products contain less bran and brokens.
The maize dehuller is used in the hulling and degerminating process of maize milling line as well as preliminary cleaning section in beer and feed factories.

MTPS series MTPS Maize Peeling Machine
utilizes high-speed rotating emery blade to cut and rub the corn bran and damage the bonding strength between the corn and the endosperm and the germ so as to make the corn bran, wheat bran or bean bran separated. It can also separate the corn germs and black spots during peeling process. The internally installed effective air draft chamber can collect the bran from the peeling process.

1. The internally installed air draft and dust removing system ensures the best sanitation condition.
2. Easy operation and maintenance, quick-replaceable sieve plate and other accessories, durable emery roll.
3. Even quality of the end products, multi-adjusting methods, reliable quality.
4. Moderate peeling process. Low grain consumption in peeling process.
5. Also suitable for dry method processing technology, which is more sanitary than wet method.

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