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Pneumatic Flour Mill

Pneumatic Flour Mill

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Introduction to Pneumatic Flour Mill

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With breaking, cutting, peeling, scraping of the material, the effect of grinding is achieved. This pneumatic flour mill is suitable for large, medium size corn grain plants, wheat cogeneration equipment, can also use independently. The pneumatic flour mill is the main facility employed for wheat, corn and coarse grain process. It depends on one pair of opposite differential rotation to peel materials, extracting the endosperm from the food surface and milling it into flour.

Application of pneumatic flour mill:

1. Pneumatic flour mill is widely applied in modern flour mill.

2. Pneumatic flour mill can be installed in the first floor for a good an operation and also can be installed in ground floor to save space.

3. Different surface parameters serve for different grinding passage, different middle materials.

Features of automatic pneumatic flour mill:

1. The automatic pneumatic flour mill adopts the whole pneumatic control, has the advantagesof high-sensible action, neat and tidy, no polution to the environment; It can be operated both in separately and centralizedly.

2. The feeding system adopts double and tilting grinding rollers, together with the drive to achieve stablity and reliablity; The automatic pneumatic roller mill also has a feeding servo system that makes the feeding equal.

3. The automatic pneumatic flour mill has one sensible impulser that can control the quantity change of materials to achieve self-control feeding together with the servo system.

4. The automatic pneumatic flour mill has a shock pad that can control exclude the vibration when flour grinding.

5. The automatic pneumatic flour mill is with the advantages of novel structure, discharging equal, less noise, good stability, easy operation, convenient maintenance, etc.

6. The automatic pneumatic roller mill has one set of special roller handling tools to make the process safe, convenient, time-saving, and labour-saving.

pneumatic flour mill

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