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Double Case Square Plansifter

Double Case Square Plansifter

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Introduction to Double Case Square Plansifter


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High efficiency sifting, mixproof to get credible run, a perfect classification square plansifter, and also used for flour checking or less stock classifying, sifting in large scale flour factory.

Principle of Double Case Square Plansifter:

Double section plansifter is driven by a motor which installed underside of the main frame and counter-balanced by a counterweight. There are single case type, double cases and 4 cases type in this machine. According to individual design for different material, the sieve sifts different granular materials to different next passages in flour mill when the whole machine is running. 

Application of Double Case Square Plansifter:

FSFG series square plansifter is employed in grain milling ahead of bagging for the sifting and re-bolting (final sifting) of break stocks, flours, bran and intermediate mill stocks as well as for the grading of floury materials, semolina. The Square Plansifter is suited for grain processing plants of all kinds like food processing, Brewing industry, animal feed processing plants etc.

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