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Mildew Maize or Wheat Polishing Machine

Mildew Maize or Wheat Polishing Machine

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Introduction to Mildew Maize or Wheat Polishing Machine

The slight mildew maize or wheat goes to the polishing system in a tangential direction through the feeding system to remove the mould and fluff on the surface without damaging the grain.
TXQS40X2 Mildew Maize or Wheat Polishing Machine aims at removing mould and impurities on the surface of the maize and wheat.
The sealed machine prevents dust out.
Easy operation and maintenance reduces labor.
It precisely polishes the grain with low brokens to reduce loss in the whole operation process.
Quickly changeable sieve plates can efficiently work continuously.
Electrostatic spraying increases the class of the machine. It can be used as special equipment for large grain and feed projects.
The winnowing and gravity selection systems remove the serious mildew maize and wheat to reduce damage to grain storage and feed industry.

Mildew Maize or Wheat Polishing Machine

Intensive Mildew Maize Polisher


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