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YTZSF28-30 Corn Hulling&Milling Unit

YTZSF28-30 Corn Hulling&Milling Unit

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Introduction to YTZSF28-30 Corn Hulling&Milling Unit

 YTZSF28-30 Corn Hulling&Milling Unit

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1. Corn peeling and milling; wheat peeling and milling; rice milling; sorghum peeling and milling.

2. It is suitable for corn, wheat and sorghum peeling and milling in small grain processing factory.


Principle and Features:

Win Tone YTZSF28-30 Corn Peeling and Milling Unit is internally installed with a motor of 11KW and 380V with processing capacity of 500kg per hour for corn, wheat, sorghum and rice.

This machine is a small assembled unit combining peeling, polishing, milling, sifting and winnowing. Clean raw materials are charged in the inlet for peeling, degermination and impurities removing. Then the corn kernels are ground. After this, we can get three finished products: big and small grits, corn flour. The machinery is installed with an air suction chamber to collect husks generated from the peeling process as well as micro flour and impurties from the milling process.



1. Suitable for all dry processing technology

Dry peeling technology is more sanitary compared with wet processing.

2. Internal installation of efficient winnowing and dedusting blower

During peeling and milling processes, it effectively removes and collects dust and husks which are discharged by cyclone.

3. High yield and effect

The pressure valve at the discharger of the hulling chamber can precisely control time to peel the corn or wheat, guaranteeing effective friction of alloy rolls so as to get quality products.

4. Low power consumption and wide use range

Integrated with the function of peeling and milling with a 11kw motor, reducing investment cost. The machine is applied in corn, wheat and sorghum peeling and milling.


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