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1000 Ton Grain Steel Silo

1000 Ton Grain Steel Silo

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Introduction to 1000 Ton Grain Steel Silo

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Application of the grain steel silo
The grain steel silo diameter range from 4.8m-32m, full steel cone base silo unit capacity range from 20t-1000t, plat base steel silo unit silo capacity range from 800t-10000t. The grain steel silo is widely used in grain storage, animal feed, flour, starch, rice milling factory, grease processing, brewing, monopodium glutamate, biology and chemical industry, environmental protection etc.

Features of grain steel silo
A flat bottom and a cone at the end of the two major series, cone bottom and steel cone bottom and cement cone at the end of two, steel cone base can be made into 45 and 60.
Structure is safe and reliable: silo for the keel and corrugated steel plate combined type steel structure, the overall strength, good stability, the use of deformation, the bin body all galvanized parts, the service life reaches more than 25 years.

Complete supporting system:
Ventilation system, effectively prevent grain mildew
Material system can display the state of silo inside, to realize the automatic display and control
Drying and fumigation system can be equipped as our clients’ request
With import warehouse transportation equipment, grain cleaning system
Automatic temperature measuring system
The installation is standard and safe. Construction period is short. Barn all connected by bolts, can be easily disassembled into parts, to achieve the overall demolition land reorganization. It is convenient to repair, local damage can be replaced.
Of varieties: with dozens of tons to 10 thousand tons of class 200 multiple bin type for the user to choose, but also according to user requirements for the special design, meet the needs of consumers in general.


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