YTZF 28-45 Multifunctional Maize Milling Machine

1. The machine, with lifting, peeling and milling part, is exported to many countries including Africa;
2. Equipped with motor or diesel engine as power
3. Peeling clean, uniform particles, fineness of grits anf flour is adjustable.


  YTZF 28-45 is a professional maize peeling and flour milling equipment specially designed by China Win Tone Machinery  for foreign customers, especially African customers, to peel white corn into coarse meal.

  YTZF 28-45 maize peeling and flour milling machine is a specialized corn processing equipment integrating lifting system, peeling system, flour milling system, powder and skin miscellaneous packaging system.

  Function and Features:

  YTZF 28-45 Maize Peeling and Flour Milling Machine is equipped with corn peeler and corn flour grinder. This machine is combined with peeling system, milling system and wind net dust removal system with rapid and clean production process. The fineness of corn flour can reach 30-60 mesh. It can be used for both wet and dry with features of high output and low power consumption.

  This maize milling machine can crushe, grade, peel, and finally make corn meal (30-60 mesh). The obtained corn flour is a raw material for the food of African local people such as Schima, fufu and the like. Moreover, the fineness of corn flour can be adjusted to meet the needs of different users.

  Technical Parameters:




Rated voltage(V)



YTZF 28-45







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