YTZF 28-45 Multifunctional Maize Milling Machine

    1. The machine, with lifting, peeling and milling part, is exported to many countries including Africa;
    2. Equipped with motor or diesel engine as power
    3. Peeling clean, uniform particles, fineness of grits anf flour is adjustable.

TSFZ-15T Compound Corn Grits and Corn Flour Machine

    Win Tone TSFZ-15T multifunctional corn grits and corn flour whole set of equipment adopts multi-module and split type of streamlined design.

YTZSF28-5B Corn Peeling & Milling Machine

    YTZSF28-5B Corn Peeling & Milling Machine is suitable for small size of food processing factories in corn hulling, grits and flour making, wheat hulling and millet polishing.
    Corn Peeling & Milling Machine is our company's latest designed qualitative machine with extensive collection of users, and also replacement corn peeling milling machine on the market currently.

MPGT-17 Maize Peeler and Degerminator Machine

    MPGT-17 Corn Maize Peeler and Degerminator Machine is Suitable for food processing factories in corn, wheat and sorghum peeling.

DNM-3B Corn Kernel, Grits and Flour Machine

    This machine consists of corn peeling, corn polishing, corn grits and flour making, end products classifying and winnowing.

NF Duplex Coarse Cereal Milling Machine

    Duplex coarse cereal milling machine grinds wheat into flour by the grinding roll of the grinder.

MTPS Series Corn Peeling Machine Corn Peeler

    MTPS Series Corn Peeling Machine Corn Peeler is the newly designed corn peeling equipment based on wide market research, customers’ opinion and various corn peeling machines advantages.

MTPS-18R/25R/30R Maize Peeling Machine

    MTPS R Maize Peeling Machine is the core product of Win Tone. This maize peeling machine is the third generation of corn peeling equipment optimized and improved based on the prototype of FTP-600 peeling machine.

NF Single Coarse Grain Flour Milling Machine

    NF single coarse grain flour milling machine is mainly used in small size of coarse grain flour milling plants.

YTZSF28-30 Corn Grits and Flour Machine Set

    Corn peeling, grits and flour machine set is used in corn peeling, corn grits and flour milling, wheat peeling and flour milling, paddy peeling and sorghum peeling and flour milling.

MTPS-25R*2/30R*2 Series Maize Peeling Machine

    1. Large capacity
    2. High peeling rate:98%

TQLS Series Integrated Maize Corn Cleaning Machine with Vibrating Screen and Destoner

    TQLS Series Integrated Corn Cleaning Machine can help to clean various cereals or grains

    TQLS Series Integrated Corn Cleaning Machine consists of a de-stoner, a vibratory sifter, bucket elevator and motors.

HX Pneumatic Corn Flour Milling Machine Wheat Flour Mill

    Pneumatic corn flour milling machine can grind corn by breaking, cutting, hulling, rubbing the material.

YMSJ Super Fine Corn Grits Machine

    YMSJ super fine corn grits machine is the core equipment for producing corn grits.

6NF-90 Multifunctional Corn Peeler Machine

    6NF-90 multifunctional corn peeler machine can remove the bran both of corn and wheat. There has 380V motor with 3-4KW power installed inside. It can process 300kg of grains, such as corn, wheat, sorghum and rice.

YMHLN Series of Corn Peeler and Polisher Machine

    Corn peeler and polisher machine mainly has corn peeling, wheat peeling and paddy peeling and polishing functions.

FQFD Wheat and Corn Flour Purifier

    Wheat and corn flour purifier is designed for purification and classification for soft wheat, durum wheat and corn flour.

YTZF 28-40 Maize Mill for Posho with Diesel Engine

    Posho mill for grinding maize flour

Multifunctional Wind Screen and Gravity Cleaner

    Wind Screen and Gravity Cleaner can process various grain seeds by winnowing and gravity screening, such as wheat, corn and beans.

Semolina Flour Making Machine Grinding Machine

    Semolina Flour Making Machine

NF-280 Multifunctional Corn Peeling and Polishing Machine

    Corn peeling and polishing machine:
    1.Used in corn peeling, wheat peeling, paddy peeling and sorghum peeling.
    2.Suitable for small size of food processing factory

Maize Germ Extraction Machine

    Maize degerminator utilizes the hitting and cutting between the rotor and the toothed plate, and the friction and crash between corn kernels to realize corn peeling, corn degermination and corn grits making.

Multi-function Fresh Mealie Meal / Sifted Fortified Maize Meal Making Machine

    Multi-function Fresh Mealie Meal / Sifted Fortified Maize Meal Making Machine