Win Tone Corn Flakes Machine

    Corn flakes machine has high automation degree and can finish all of the technological process from blendening, cooking, flaking, drying to puffing once.

Automatic Instant Noodles Production Line

    Automatic instant noodles production line is controlled automatically from flour feeding to the final products with less manual operation.

Modified Starch Production Line Pregelatinized Starch Processing Plant

    Modified starch production line can produce modified starch by different equipments.

Win Tone Snack Food Processing Line

    Snack food processing line takes corn flour, rice flour, corn grits or millet as raw materials to produce snack food.

Crispy Rice Processing Line

    Crispy rice processing line is the best choice for factory to produce crispy rice.

Baby Food Nutritional Flour Processing Line

    Baby Food Nutritional Flour Processing Line

Corn Flakes Processing Line

    Corn flakes processing line processes corn flour into corn flakes.

Fried bugle Chips Machines Bugles Production Line

    Fried bugle chips machines or bugles production line introduction: Fried bugle chips machines shall be applied to extrude the raw materials such as corn flour

Bread Crumb Processing Line

    Bread Crumb Processing Line

Win Tone Core Filling Snack Food Production Plant

    Core filling snack food production plant can be used to produce core filling snacks and other puffed snack foods.

Corn Puff Snack Extruder Machine

    Corn puff snack extruder machine adopts corn flour as the raw material to produce high quality corn puff food. This machine can produce various shapes or corn snack food according to your requirements.

Win Tone Breakfast Cereals Processing Line

    Breakfast cereals processing line has wide adoption of materials, various end products, easy producing craft and completely automatic production.