20T Corn Milling Plant Maize Mill Plant

Corn milling plant or maize mill plant refers to the whole processing line which can process corn into corn flour. It consists of cleaning, peeling, milling and packaging sections.

Function and Features Introduction: 

Our 20Ton/Day corn milling plant design includes screening, stone removing, peeling, polishing, milling, brushing, pneumatic transportation, electric control and products packing. This is a small scale of maize milling line and can ensure maize flour yield and quality with low energy consumption and investment. 

Main Equipments of 20Ton/day Corn Milling Plant It has a maize cleaner, moisture dampener, 1 degerminator, 4 roller mills, 2 double sifters, an auto packing system and all the connecting pipes are stainless steel.    


20 ton per day maize milling plant  

corn milling plant  

20T/Day corn milling plant working process:


1. Maize Cleaning unit: To clean sand,stone,and other impurities from raw corn. 


2. Maize peeling machine: This machine is designed for maize hulling,the emery rollers can remove bran without adding water into maize.


3. Maize degerming machine: this machine is a special equipment which is mainly applied for corn hulling, de-germinating and polishing


4. Maize milling machine:  Lower energy consumption and high efficiency low cost. Designed to provide top safety and sanitation. Flexible adjustment, easy installment and operation. High degree of automation.


5. Bucket elevator: used for materal transporting. low noise, high efficiency, and convenient operation and maintenance.


6. Magnetic separator: remove metal impurities.

7. Measuring and Packing Machine . It can pack maize flour or grits 5kg/bag.10kg/bag.50kg/bag as you required.


   Corn Roller Mill:

maize mill plant  

20T/Day corn milling plant   



Corn Flour:
corn flour Corn Milling Plant.jpg


20T Corn Milling Plant Maize Mill Plant Technical Parameter: 

1. Capacity: processing maize 20T/Day.
2. Raw material: white maize or yellow maize
3. Final products: super white maize meal, maize flour, and grits.
4. By-product: Animal feed.

Processing Capacity Power  Power Consumption for Tons of Material Yield Workshop Size  
20T 72 58-60 20T 20×5×5(line structure)  
16×5×6(steel structure)  
30T 108 58-60 30T 24×5×6(line structure)  
30×5×5(steel structure)  
50T 172 56-58 50T 35×5×7(steel structure)  
100T 346 56-58 100T 40×7×8(steel structure)  



Features of our maize milling lines:
1.Water saving, power saving.
2.Clean and pure final flour.
3.Flour fineness can be adjusted.
4.Low investment!
5.Automatic production process.
6.Free warranty.
7.Field installation and training!
8.7*24 hours after-sales service!


End products index:
1.Corn flour fineness:40-200 meshes (the flour fineness can be adjusted)
2.Sand content:<0.02%
3.Magnetic metal content:< 0.003
4.Moisture storage:13.5-14.5%
5.Fat content:0.5—1%
6.Appearance and taste: bright color, fine powder, high quality and pure taste.


      Overseas Offices:

1.Office in Uganda:
Address: Plot 27. Luthuli Avenue, Buglobi P.O.Box 8338, Kampala, Uganda 
Contact: Sophia

2.Office in Kenya:
Address: Mudher Industrial Park, Off Mombasa Road, Next to Soham Petrol Station, Nairobi, Kenya 
Contact: Emma

3.Office in Ethiopia:
Address: No.4 Floor, Yobex Building, Mexico Area, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 
Contact: Jaspher



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